Character Book 5e Limited Edition


Limited edition Fire Red version of the popular 5e character book

Replace your creased and crumpled 5e character sheet with this 8 page booklet. Covers are printed on heavy card stock to protect all the important details about your character. Features an elastic cord binding so you can easily replace the sheet in the unfortunate event of your death.

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Limited edition Fire Red version of the popular 5e character book
If you’ve used the Original version of this character book, please note that this paper is not quite as heavy. But it’s still sturdy enough to get the job done.

Character Sheet in booklet format compatible with D&D Fifth Edition.

Comes with a spare character sheet insert and access to a pdf so you can print off more as needed (inserts are just 2 pieces of paper printed front and back, super easy).

This is a physical copy, if you are looking for a stand alone pdf, they are available here:

– Hand screen printed Black covers.
– Covers printed on Bright Red 100lb french paper (sturdy).
– Elastic binding for changing out character sheets.
– Character sheet inserts printed on off-white 70 pound text (holds up to an eraser real well)

-Essentials (most referenced stats)
-Character info (roleplaying information)
-Inventory (a full page for all your precious things!)
-Spellcasting (2 pages)
-Quick Reference Guide (far from exhaustive, but has information that I get asked often as a DM)
-Blank Notes Page