Character Book

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Character Sheet in booklet format compatible with D&D Fifth Edition.

Comes with a spare character sheet insert and access to a pdf so you can print off more as needed (inserts are just 2 pieces of paper printed front and back, super easy).

This is a physical copy, if you are looking for a stand alone pdf, they are available here:

- Hand screen printed gold covers.
- Covers printed on 140lb french paper (very sturdy).
- Spine reinforced with cloth book tape.
- Elastic binding for changing out character sheets.
- Character sheet inserts printed on off-white 70 pound text (holds up to an eraser real well)

-Essentials (most referenced stats)
-Character info (roleplaying information)
-Inventory (a full page for all your precious things!)
-Spellcasting (2 pages)
-Quick Reference Guide (far from exhaustive, but has information that I get asked often as a DM)
-Blank Notes Page

*Shipping Note*
This first batch of orders will not ship until Friday February 16th, because I live in New Orleans and its Mardi Gras season.